About the Artist

ET, pictured here, was born of immigrant parents who came to NYC in pursuit of the American Dream. He grew up in NYC and lived most of his life in Jackson Heights, where he began making visual art. Having grown up in such a unique environment has shaped much of himself, his art, and how he views the world. One of his favorite views is the iconic New York City skyline, as seen from Queens, whenever he crosses the 59th street bridge, Northern Blvd, or from the famous “Pepsi-Cola,” sign in Long Island City. He views the NYC skyline and its people as a constant source of inspiration, and tries to capture its grandeur and infinite angles within his artwork. He sees what his parents saw when they gazed upon the NYC skyline, a manifestation of opportunity and dreams accomplished.

Throughout the years he’s seen the skyline change, from losing the Twin Towers, to adding the One World Trade Center, to the rise of “slim jim’s,” that pierce the familiar midtown skyline. Although it changes over the years, the skyline never stops capturing the magic he feels from living in this great city. NYC represents everything that’s made ET, and he created CITYPRINTSNYC as a home to capture NYC’s magic via his artwork.

As he’s gotten older and had more opportunities to travel, the more he’s come to believe NYC really is “the best city in the world,” and hopes his art can help share that love with you.

Some say this pandemic killed the city, but NYC can’t die – it just adapts and keeps going.

Take care,

– ET