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CITYPRINTSNYC offers the best New York City prints available, made in Jackson Heights at an incredible value. All prints come on high-quality paper, in a full-color finish, hand-signed on the back and initialed front by the artist.

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When you buy from CITYPRINTSNYC, you’re supporting:

  • POC artist and 30+ year resident of Jackson Heights
  • Family-owned Jackson Heights print shops
  • The United States Postal Service

CITYPRINTSNYC was created by ET, who is a life-long native and current resident of Jackson Heights. A neighborhood in the northern part of Queens, it’s one of our favorite places on earth. Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area on the planet, and it’s also the most linguistically diverse, with at least 138 languages spoken throughout the borough. “Diversity Plaza,” pictured above, is a street named in honor of the richly diverse areas surrounding it, and also across the street from one of our print shop partners

Diversity Center of Queens copy

Our other print shop partner is located in the same building that holds the “Diveristy Center of Queens,” also known as the “Queens Pride House,” an LGBTQI+ center that has long been a resource for the Jackson Heights community. Jackson Heights is home to the second-largest LGBTQI+ community in New York, outside of Manhattan. The Queens Pride Parade and Multicultural Festival is the second oldest and second largest Pride parade in New York City, held annually in Jackson Heights since 1993! Jackson Heights is also part of the New York City Historic District, and we’re lucky enough to call it home!

CITYPRINTSNYC is committed to operating locally, and reflecting the diversity and cultures found in Jackson Heights. We believe in the importance of visibility and representation, which leads to inclusion, and with it safety, and we will manage our business with these values, as well as create artwork aligned to this mission. 

We can’t change our history but we can write our future, and living in Jackson Heights has taught us there’s room for everyone, and everyone deserves respect. 🙂