Our Story

"Our Story"
22x30" Illustration by ET

Yasutomo Traditional Chinese Ink on White 90 LB Stonehenge Paper
"Our Story" is not for sale. Original illustration was used to create the February Collection, and will be shipped to one lucky winner.
For more contest details, visit @cityprintsnyc.

CITYPRINTSNYC offers the best New York City prints available, made in Jackson Heights at an incredible value. All prints come on high-quality paper, in a full-color finish, hand-signed on the back and initialed front by the artist.

Living in, “the best city in the world,” we’re constantly inspired by NYC and its people. Each Collection begins by picking up a pencil and sketching an idea. Once the drawing is ready to be used as reference art, we then use Procreate to import the original reference art onto a digital canvas and begin creating a beautifully unique set of prints released under that month’s collection. Each month will feature its very own collection, with new releases inspired by special dates that make us smile.

The March Collection is inspired by:

Women’s History Month because CITYPRINTSNYC is a proud supporter of gender equality in all aspects

International Women’s Day because we celebrate the representation of all women

St. Patrick’s Day because NYC’s diversity has long been celebrated through parades and the visibility they provide to the cultures and people that make up our great city

The Knicks because we love our team

The February Collection is inspired by:

– Black History Month because Black Lives Matter

– I<3NY because Valentine’s Day

– New York, NY because it’s in our DNA

We recommend all of our prints to be displayed in frame, and work to achieve the best quality prints at a price you can enjoy, without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a casual art shopper, home-gallery curator, or NYC fanatic, we welcome you to our shop and journey, and invite you to please check in each month to see how we continue to write, “Our Story.”

Take care.