"Colombia Pride"

If you’ve been to Jackson Heights, you’ll know why they call the neighborhood “Little Colombia.” Loosely defined somewhere between 80th and 84th st, from Roosevelt Ave to 37th Ave and beyond, it’s the center of the Colombian community in Queens. In 2008, councilman Hiram Monserrate renamed 82nd street and 37th Ave, “Calle Colombia.”

Established in Jackson Heights, it is CITYPRINTSNYC honor to release this National Pride Print honoring the Colombian community and its contributions to this great city.

All prints come personally hand-signed on the back and initialed front by the artist, ET. All prints are made using high-quality paper, in a full-color finish.

We recommend all of our prints be displayed in a frame.

  • Framed +$20

    Simply unbox and hang up. Print is delivered in a complimentary, ready-to-hang frame. Only +$20 in addition to the cost of the print!

  • Standard M Size $20

    12x16" print

  • Standard S Size $10

    8x10" print

  • Postcard Size $3

    4x6" postcard, buy any 4 and get 1 free. Free frame included with any 5 pack bundle - while supplies last.