"Irish Pride"

St.Patrick’s day is here and we’re releasing this special Irish Pride print to commemorate the momentous occasion! The Empire is lit in the national flag colorway, against the iconic Irish-green backdrop. This marks our first National Pride print, and we couldn’t be more excited! NYC’s diversity has long been celebrated through parades and the visibility they provide to the cultures and people that make up our great city.

“First Edition” will be printed on the first 50 numbered prints sold. All prints come on high-quality paper, in a full-color finish, hand-signed on the back and initialed front by the artist.

A free “First Edition” postcard will also be included with the first 50 prints sold. Postcards are readily available.

We recommend all of our prints be displayed in a frame.

  • Framed +$20

    Simply unbox and hang up. Print is delivered in a complimentary, ready-to-hang frame. Only +$20 in addition to the cost of the print!

  • Standard M Size $20

    12x16" print

  • Standard S Size $10

    8x10" print

  • Postcard Size $3

    4x6" postcard, buy any 4 and get 1 free. Free frame included with any 5 pack bundle - while supplies last.