"NYCDRIP {Original}"

Erick Teran/ET

“NYCDRIP” {Original}, #SS 2021

Yasutomo Traditional Black Ink, Pencil, Wax Seal on 250 g acid-free paper

Illustration: 22 x 30″

Frame: 29.5 x 39.25″

The #SIGNATURESERIES (#SS) is a mark of commitment and excellence and applies to the most iconic work from ET. Each “NYCDRIP” {Original} is one of a kind due to the unpredictability of the signature drip effect and can be seen made here. The #SS is delivered in a custom-made-to-order 29.5×39.25″ black wooden frame, with museum glass quality so you and others can appreciate your work of art for years to come. CITYPRINTSNYC provides a 10-year warranty on all #SS works to provide each customer the utmost reassurance surrounding the quality of work and custom-framed craftsmanship. Each #SS piece is custom made to order so please allow up to 30 days for delivery.

{Original} is used to define artwork that has been hand illustrated by the artist using the materials listed. All originals are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Each order will be fulfilled at the address entered at checkout, with in-person delivery by the artist himself on an agreed-upon date and time, exclusively available in the tri-state area.

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